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eMotion -The Sun, the Earth and the Moon - Supports Unit 5d and Key Stages 1,2,3 and 4 of the National Curriculum

  • Especially suitable for teaching scientifically "Able, Gifted and Talented" children
  • An excellent knowledge base for teachers who are not scientifically predisposed
  • Awesome value for money
  • Keeps You the teacher in charge - not the computer
  • Helps to build a healthy relationship between the class and you - not the computer.
  • Has the benefit of using animated graphics to demonstrate dynamic processes
  • Benefits the whole class including non- scientific and SEN children, by stimulating them through vivid graphics, dynamic interaction,  poetry and music
  • Simple so that you can concentrate and spend more time on teaching
  • Fun and easy to use so that you can involve your audience without the hassle of any special training
  • Demonstrate processes safely
  • You will love the superb graphics

"The Earth, the Sun and the Moon" is an interactive presentation that is specifically designed for use with an interactive whiteboard to support the teaching of science unit 5E of the National Curriculum. It also includes additional material for science units 1D, 3F and 6E, and a poem "Gravity and Motion" that can be used for literacy.

The presentation makes learning about our home planet and the universal forces that govern it simple and interesting.

Five questions are the catalyst for guiding you through the process of learning about the sizes and positions of these celestial bodies, the forces that make them orbit each other and the effect that the movement of these massive objects has on our lives.

Features include: an interactive screen that demonstrates the force of gravity as the Earth attracts a ball from all angles; the four seasons changing as the Earth rotates about the sun; an interactive animated version of Newton's cannon; Day and Night with adjustable synchronised analogue and digital clocks, including AM/PM indicator and selectable 12/24 hour mode; interactive animations of the phases of the moon and many more.

The presentation can be run full screen or optionally in it's own window. Although primarily intended for delivery using an interactive whiteboard the production can also be used individually by the students on PC's or laptops.

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Some features of this exciting new teaching tool:
  • Supports Unit 5E of Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum
  • Can be used for SATs revision by Year 6
  • Each Section includes teaching objective and review
  • Pay using eLearning credits
  • Can be presented using an interactive whiteboard
  • Superb quality graphics and animations
  • Includes interactive demonstrations that can be stopped to discuss or predict possible outcomes etc.
  • Includes cross references to other Science units and literacy
Science Unit 5E specific coverage
  • The shape of the Sun, Earth and Moon.
  • The Relative sizes of the Sun, the Earth and Moon.
  • The Sun moves across the sky from East to West because the Earth is rotating.
  • The Earth spins on its axis every 24 hours and this is what causes day and night.
  • The Earth rotates about the sun once a year causing the four seasons.
  • The Moon orbits the Earth approximately every 29 days, which is the reason for the phasing of the Moon's appearance.
  • The relative positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon produces shadows on the Earth during eclipses.
Science Cross references
  • 1D - Light and Dark / The Sun
  • 3F - Light and Shadows / Sunlight and Shadows / Crescent Moons and eclipses
  • 6E - Gravity
Literacy cross reference
  • Poem - "Gravity and Motion"