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The Roman Legionnaire


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The Legions were the backbone of the Roman army; comprised of first class professional soldiers they were the ideal tool for Rome to use for conquering most of the known world around 2000 years ago.

Armed with a short stabbing sword and a javelin the well disciplined legionnaires worked together in co-ordinated groups that would defeat just about any army sent against them.

Through the use of vivid, high quality interactive and animated graphics "The Roman Legionnaire" can be used as a visual aid to present some of the equipment and other characteristics of the Roman soldier.


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Min Specification

Some features of the Presentation

Includes Sections on:
  • The Legion
  • Equipment
  • The Empire
  • The camps
  • Training
  • Specialists

Watch a Legionnaire, in full kit, march on the screen.

(This sample reduced in size and quality to speed up download)

Move the legionnaires equipment on the screen to see all round views. Accompanied by descriptive text.
Animated description of training with a "Gladius".
Step by Step description of the Manipular Tactics employed by the Cohorts.
Descriptions of some of the Specialist skills employed by legionnaires.
Interactive map of the empire, the barbarian tribes and the location of the Legions.
Interactive Description of a fort.



PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, ME or XP operating System

Min 700MHz processor - 1GHz recommended

Min 64Mb Ram

Min 100Mb free disc space

Screen Resolution min 800 x 600

True Colour (32bit)

Graphics accelerator recommended