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Our software can be used by teachers, with electronic whiteboards or projectors,  as part of an effective teaching strategy aimed at supporting the key stages of the national curriculum.

Curriculum Online Registered Content Provided
  Timeline of Britain

Britain has a rich and interesting cultural history: Starting with the Celtic migrations around 500 BC and the Roman occupation, the Timeline of Britain places the various periods of British  history in their correct position relative to each other.

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  The Roman Legionnaire

About 2000 years ago the Roman Empire ruled all of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean sea. Without the Legions and the highly trained and disciplined legionnaires Rome would never have managed this awesome feat.....

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Between 208 and 245 million years ago a small reptile appeared that would dramatically affect the following 150 million years of the evolution of life on earth....

Ideal for class presentation and discussion

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  Scott of The Antarctic

The race for the South Pole was perhaps one of the most difficult challenges known to man....


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Using a computer, a projector and an  interactive whiteboard allows information on a computer screen to be presented to the whole class.

Combine this with high quality interactive 3d computer generated animations and there are huge benefits to be gained.

  • Pupils can be allowed to operate highly accurate virtual representations of a wide variety of technical and historical objects.

  • Objects that do not exist anymore can be presented.

  • Processes that would normally be hidden behind layers of metal, plastic and wood can be exposed for the whole class to explore and discuss.

  • Processes and objects can be held in a frozen state for the whole class to discuss the possible outcome(s) of a situation.

  • A class can gain an insight into what could happen if things went wrong without being exposed to any potentially dangerous environments.

  • Vivid animated images stimulate interest and keeps the attention of the class focused on the screen.

These are only a few of the features that are offered by this new exiting technology. We say 'new'; we can draw on experience in computer generated images that goes back to the early days of 25 years ago, when this was all still a dream. Even so the software above represents only a beginning, a taste of what is to come.....