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Timeline of Britain


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Timeline of Britain

Britain has a rich and interesting cultural history:

Starting with the Celtic migrations around 500 BC and the Roman occupation, the Timeline of Britain places the various periods of British  history in their correct position relative to each other.

As a slider is moved along a horizontal bar from one period to another high quality graphics change to present a picture of some of the characteristics of the time.

More information about the period, events and people of the time can be found by clicking on 'info' buttons.

Designed for presentation using an interactive whiteboard, this program is ideal as a visual aid for delivery to a class or even for use by individual students using PC's.


(Primary School Site license)

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Min Specification

Some features of the Presentation

  • Learn that time is linear
  • Introduce the concept of a timeline
  • Present key characteristics of periods of British history
  • Establish the relationship of one period to another
  • Develop ITC skills
  • Simple to install
  • Interactive
  • Very high quality graphics
  • Parent Teacher Notes
  • Very easy to use
  • Interesting - will keep the attention of the class
  • Can be purchased using eLearning credits
  • Can be used to support all years of Key Stage 2
  • Celtic Britain
  • Roman Occupation
  • Saxon Settlement
  • Viking incursions
  • Norman invasion
  • Plantagenet
  • Tudors
  • Stuarts
  • Hanoverians
  • Victorians
  • Modern

PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, ME or XP operating System

Min 500MHz processor - 1GHz or more recommended

Min 64Mb Ram

Min 100Mb free disc space

Screen Resolution min 800 x 600

True Colour (32bit)