The Mesozoic Era

The Mesozoic Era was between 245 and 65 mya. Mesozoic means 'Middle Life' but this time period is commonly referred to as the 'Age of Dinosaurs' or the 'Age of Reptiles'. During the Mesozoic the Earth was different from today - it was a lot warmer, there was less change in the seasons and sea levels were higher. The Earth was physically different; at the start of the Mesozoic all the land was grouped together in one large continent called Pangaea. All through the Mesozoic the Earth changed, the land moved and by the end the Earth was feeling and looking a little more like it is today.

The Mesozoic is split into three distinct periods:

The Mesozoic Era began after a mass extinction event when 90% to 95% of all life on Earth died out. This gave the surviving alife an unprecendented opportunity to thrive. Dinosaurs were one of these life forms.
The Mesozoic Era ended with another mass extinction event, one in which Dinosaurs were a primary victim. Again this gave the surviving life a great opportunity and it was the Mammals that took it.
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