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Caesar's Scrolls

Julius Caesar's Expedition to Britain

History - 20th Century


Wright Flyer Controls

History - Pre History

Cist burial

Celtic Iron Age Mirror

Celtic Warrior

Bronze Age Axe Head

History - Rome

Roman Auxilliary Fort

Imperial Gallic Centurions' Helmet

Chester - A Roman Fortress

Roman Numerals

Inside a Roman Granary

Roman Legionnaire 360 deg Rotation

History - Saxons and Vikings

History - The Tudors

Tudor Facts (Spin the rose)

History - Tudor Exploration

Drakes Circumnavigation of the Globe

Golden Hind 360

History - World War One

Mk IV Male Tank

Sopwith Camel 360 degree

A7V Sturm Panzer

History - World War Two

Panzer III Rotating Turret

Battle of Britain / Blitz Messerschmitt bf109e Engine

LCVP - World War Two Landing Craft

Battle of Britain / Blitz Messerschmitt bf109e

German King Tiger - Panzer VIb

Heinkel He111 H

Lancaster Bomber

Battle of Britain / Blitz - Hawker Hurricane Mk1

Battle of Britain / Blitz Spitfire MkII 360 degree spin around

Messerschmitt bf110F

Mitsubishi A6M2-N Zero Floatplane

Science Materials and their properties

3f Light and Shadows - Angle of incidence

3f Light and Shadows - Opaque Translucent Transparent

3f Light and Shadows - Convex and Concave mirrors

1d Light and Dark - Lights during the day and night

3f Light and Shadows - Shiny and Dull

3f Light and Shadows - Shadow Size

Science Physical Processes

5e The earth

4e Friction - Clutch

4e Friction - Bearings

4e Friction - Brake

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