Saves you time and money

The advantages of the virtual world.

  • Save Money (less space, less insurance, more content)

  • WOW your audience and make them want to revisit (Vivid, stimulating and engaging)

  • Expand your audience (images not words, take the action to them)

  • highly graphical and much more readily engaged regardless of language or age

  • simple user interfaces that need little or no instruction

  • ideal for providing content where access to physical media is limited or difficult

  • present on kiosks or other remote displays

  • operate accurate virtual representations of technical and historical objects

  • preserve your expensive originals or reproductions

  • expose  those hidden processes exposed for your audience to explore and discuss

  • demonstrate what could happen if things went wrong without any associated physical danger

  • Vivid animated images stimulate and keeps the attention focused on the subject

We offer a service that can provide you with a production that is specifically designed to match your requirements.

Our productions are highly suitable for demonstrating concepts and processes. Using 3d computer generated images and PC display technology, we can bring to life most subjects to engage and educate your audience.

Video Footage - Standard PAL, High Definition etc.
Flyover of a roman Fort

Low res Sample Video

A Comet passing Earth

Legionnaires Advance across open country

Close up of the Legionnaires marching past

Low res Sample Video

HD Sample Still

Web Publications

Mellor Heritage

3d Interactive Relief Map of Mellor Iron Age Settlement

An interactive relief map of the area that you can switch between two periods: 500 BC and Today showing the differences in the human occupation. It includes drill down detail of the Iron Age Hilltop settlement, the construction of the defensive ditch and rampart, and an interactive illustration of the construction of a Roundhouse. There are also interactive illustrations of some of the finds in the area.
Greave Website  
Show the difference between the modern geography and that of the Victorian period.
3d History Website
  Romans A sample web page that includes vivid interactive and static illustrations.
  Inside a granary

An interactive animated sequence illustrating the inside of a Roman Granary.

Inside a Roman granary

  3d - Aircraft of World War One

3d Anaglyph images of some of the aircraft of World War One. The images project in and out of the screen giving the perception of reality - these can be animated and interactive to further engage your audience.

3d - Aircraft of World War One

Stand Alone publications
Safety valve
Dynamic and Interactive simulation of a safety valve in operation. Used for demonstration and training. Interactive Section of a safety valve
Chester Roman Fortress

Interactive Relief Map and drill down details concerning the Roman occupation of Chester.

Still from an Interactive presentation of Roman Chester

Still from an Interactive detail about Gravestones and burials in Roman Chester

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