What are the benefits of teaching science?

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Science Unit 2F Covers Section 4 Making a circuit Circuit
Science Unit 3F Covers part of Section 9 about transparency Transparency
Science Unit 3A We need healthy teeth to eat Our Teeth
Science Unit 3A Comparison between carnivorous and vegetarian dinosaurs teeth Teeth
Math An analogue clock with moveable hands and an optional digital display eClock
Science Unit 3E Set the size of forces on a cantilever spring so that they balance. Balanced forces
Science Unit 3F Set the correct position of the sun using the shadow on a sundial Position of the Sun
Science Units 1D and 3F Move some words referencing light into their correct position on a picture Light Words
Geography Water Supplies - Key Stage 2 Reservoir
Science Unit 4B Some Silhouettes to talk about - animal or man made? Silhouettes
Science Unit 6F Covers Section 6 illustrating the differences between shiny and dull surfaces Shiny and Dull
Science Unit 5e The Earth, the Sun and the The Moon - covers most of the unit Earth Sun Moon


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