If I can't find an answer here how do I contact you?

Use the contact details below.

 Telephone: 0161 406 7110

 e-Mail: help@virneth.co.uk


The installation does not accept the key?

There can be several reasons. Check these before contacting us.

The key is case sensitive make sure you are entering upper and lower case letters exactly as shown on the licence.

Make sure that Caps Lock is off. If you are not sure then type the key into Notepad or some other program to see what is being typed in.

0 (zero) is different from the letter o or O. Make sure you are typing the correct character.

On laptops make sure that the Num Lock is off. This can change the letter you are typing to a number.

Make sure that the Input Locale and keyboard are set to English (UK). You can find out what they are set to by going to Control Panel/Regional Settings and looking at the General and Input Locale tabs.


I get Error 1406 during the installation, what does it mean and how do I get round it?

Error 1406 happens when the Flash Player is already on your PC and is a later version than the one that comes with the installation.

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