Night Guard to protect against teeth grinding

Night Guard

Protect against teeth grinding during the night.

Misconceptions in Primary Science

Common Misconceptions in Primary Science

Easy to read help and explanations about the common misconceptions that are encountered during Primary School science lessons.

Unit 3A - Healthy Eating - Teeth

Teeth are important for cutting up our food so that it can be swallowed and easily digested.

A lot of animals specialise in what they eat and have different types of teeth to suit their food.

Carnivores eat meat, other animals. They tend to have long sharp teeth for killing their prey, ripping the meat from the body and cutting it up into chunks small enough to swallow.

Herbivores are vegetarians, they eat lots of 'greens'. Vegetarians tend to have flat teeth for grinding down tough vegetation like grass and leaves so that their digestive system can deal with it.

Omnivores, like Humans, eat a bit of everything. They tend to have a mix of different types of teeth to be able to deal with a varied diet.

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