Height : 1.5 m (5ft)

Length: 6 m (20 ft)

Weight :300 kg; (660 lb)

Dilophosaurus was a carnivorous theropod that lived around 200 to 190 million years ago during the early Jurassic period. Dilophosaurus walked on two hind legs and could run quickly. Dilophosaurus main feature was the two thin bony semicircular crests on its head. Its jaws were only weakly held together suggesting that Dilophosaurus was a scavenger because it couldn't use its teeth to hold onto prey and bring it down. Fossilised footprints indicate that Dilophosaurus possibly operated in groups.

Dilophosaurus means "Double crested lizard" Fossils were first discovered in Arizona, USA in the 1940's. It was named by Samuel P. Welles in 1970.

  • Dinosauria (Dinosaurs)
    • Saurischia (Lizard Hipped)
      • Theropods (bipedal, mostly carnivores)
        • Ceratosauria (the most primitive theropod group)
          • Dilophosaurus
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