Height : 3 m (10ft)

Length: 15.2 m (50 ft)

Weight : 15 tonnes (13.5 tons)

Titanosaurus was a giant vegetarian Sauropod that lived around 83 to 65 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period. Titanosaurus walked slowly on all four columnar limbs, each with large padded feet like an elephants. Titanosaurus had bony armoured plates along its back.

Titanosaurus means "titanic lizard" because of its huge size. Titanosaurus was named by Richard Lydekker in 1877. Fossils have been found in India.

  • Dinosauria (Dinosaurs)
    • Saurischia (Lizard Hipped)
      • Sauropods (quadrupedal herbivores)
        • Macronaria (with a nasal crest)
          • Titanosauria (armored sauropods)
            • Titanosaurus
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