Height : 5 m (16ft)

Length: 27 m (90 ft)

Weight : 20 tonnes (22 tons)

Diplodocus was a vegetarian Sauropod that lived around 155 to 145 million years ago during the late Jurassic period. Diplodocus walked slowly on all four columnar limbs, each with large padded feet like an elephants and five toes on each foot, one of which was armed with a claw. With its long neck and long whip like tail it was amongst the longest animals ever to have roamed the Earth.. Diplodocus held its neck horizontal and could not lift its tiny head more than 5.5m (17ft) off the ground. Like other Sauropods, Diplodocus' nostrils were on the top of its head.

Diplodocus means "Double Beamed" because of its long neck and the arrangement of the vertebrae. Diplodocus fossils were first found by Samuel W. Willinston in 1877. It was named by Othniel C. Marsh in 1878. Fossils have mainly been found in the Rocky Mountains in North America.

  • Dinosauria (Dinosaurs)
    • Saurischia (Lizard Hipped)
      • Sauropods (quadrupedal herbivores)
        • Diplodocidae (whip-tailed, peg-toothed and tall spines on the vertebrae)
          • Diplodocus
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